July 13, 2007

have i mentioned i'm a bonafide coffee drinker?

After my aspirations of working my way to becoming an authentic Italian a few months back I quickly resumed enjoying the occasional decaf almond latte from Cafe Venue. But when I was in Illinois last month I took my Grammy out to breakfast every morning and every day I asked for a cup of decaf; it just goes well with pigs in a blanket. When I returned and moved in with my friends in Alameda, I started pouring a tiny cup of their Peet's half reg/half decaf blend every morning with breakfast. It gave me just enough focus and motivation without the brain scramble and heart palpitations. Yes, caffeinated fingers on the laptop make for more typos, but that's why God made Spellcheck. It's been five weeks and now I literally roll out of bed and start the coffee machine before I even use the bathroom and I'm up to two cups a morning (still half/half). I tried not drinking any while my housemates are gone for the next week, but I'm miserable. I wake up with a headache, zero drive to get anything done and I miss the aroma. I'm determined to be stronger than this little addiction, so wish me luck and don't give me a hard time if you see me in line at Starbucks!


Anonymous said...

I cant believe it! You drink the EXACT same coffe as I do, Peet's Half-caff...fare trade and OOH SO GOOOOOOOOOD!

Rudra said...

Good post.