October 08, 2001

Strolling Down Mammary Lane
My roomie and I expect the frenzy of attention we receive going topless and painted at the annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. What we did not expect but are not surprised by, is the fact that my roommate was presented with pictures of us from Folsom Street Fairs passed, by the proprietors of a fetish shop while visiting her hometown of Binghamton, New York!

October 03, 2001

Simon Sez…
As if the Full Moon hadn’t warranted enough odd behavior,(and I do believe having a good friend propose an orgy certainly quantifies), but now for the first time in nearly a decade, and much to the dismay of the Bay area bachelor population, I have been caught. I am unavailable, I am part of a happy couple, I have a significant other, I AM SOMEONE’S GIRLFRIEND! Be afraid. Be very afraid. If you haven’t already had the delight of meeting this wonderful man, rest assured you will soon, for I now have a permanent date for all of my social affairs. Stay tuned to see how my Blog postings transform from “This Week’s Men Line Up”, to “So my boyfriend and I…”
Stranger things have happened.

And the Beat Goes On