March 07, 2002

Tribs to NWA & Tupac By Kermit & The Swedish Chef

Staight out da Lillie Pond
Crazy Muthafucka called Kermit
From the gang called Muppets Wit Permits
For sawed offs
Fuck da guns laws
Squeez da trigger and Muppets are hauled off

I bee in dee game for da ten years makin dee rap tunes, erg dergee
ever sinsah dee honeys wud wearin da sassoon
Now it's '02 and day clock me and day watch me, orgee borgee
Dia monds shinin lookin like I robbed dee Liberace
It's all good, bork bork, from Diego to da Bay
Yer city is da bom if yer city makin da pay
Trow up da finger if ya feel the same way, gaydee daydee
Svedish Cheff puttin it down for
Californ-i-ay, ok?

Miss Piggy's Revenge
Here comes The Pig Proper straight outta of a sty, you don't believe me? Look in my eye.
Feel the wrath cause now it's my time, I think you're the one that's a swine.
Kermit's frog legs better git ta hoppin', cause once I set my sights, there's no stoppin'
the P the I the G the G the Y. I bring home the bacon, Miss Piggy ain't fakin',
you need to step off, this is my turn at the trough. I don't need no gang a' muppets, I don't need no man,
you better check yourself if you think I'm tomorrow's ham.