September 23, 2003

Ciao Dolce!

Another piece of news from this Summer, even more astounding than the boyfriend factor, Your Majesty ended her love affair with sugar. I'll give you a moment to read that again to confirm 'yes you read that right'. I swear to god it was like coming off of crack. Those of you who know me well have seen me comsume an entire dozen doughnuts for b-fast, you know that I sprinkled sugar on any pasta dish with red sauce, and you can testify that a pint of ice cream was a 'little something' to tide me over . Those of you who don't know me as well missed witnessing me emptying sugar packets straight into my mouth when you used the restroom, and you probably didn't realize that EVERY time you saw me I was with confection or candybar in hand. Years ago I was told I had reactive hypoglycemia, the sweet poison's hold was deep, deeper than a doctor report predicting future life threatening illness. So two months ago I decided that just because I was used to the emotional rollercoaster, it didn't make it right. I started by not giving in to every craving for excess and processed sugar like alcohol, cookies, creme brulee, rice krispy treats, all the usual bait that used to lure me in. I was unbearable for weeks. I shook, I was frazzled, and I was blue. But as with anything you're distancing yourself from, time is the greatest healer. I went to Whales for a ten day Vipassana where there was no sugar added to our meals and honey was our only option for sweetening tea. At first I didn't use more than a dollop a day, and by the seventh day I wasn't using at all. For the next couple of weeks I found myself saying that I needed something sweet after a meal but the truth was I didn't, it was just a habit of saying it. Today, I can walk into a candy store and not leave a puddle of drool at the counter. I can pass a Dunkin Donuts without leaving nose prints on the front window. I'm allowing myself sweet treats about once a week and natural sugars are okay in moderation, and now because my body is more in balance, I can't have more than a bite or two before my teeth ache. I read labels and you would cringe to know how much sugar main stream food and beverages contain. I won't get on my soap box unless you ask me to, but just know I love all of my friends and family and I strongly suggest at least reading some books on it or do a little net surfing on the dangers.
Vrey Inetrsetnig!

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September 22, 2003

Back to Reality

Well I'm back in the Bay Area, San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley to be exact. I've decided to make the East Bay my home this go 'round because it's closer to my boyfriend (yeah that's right, I can say that all casual like now), cheaper, and more residential feeling. Can we say nesting? I've been stressing over the job, house, car search. I feel ungrateful saying this but, although it's seems exciting, it's really exhausting. Luckily I have the best boyfriend in the universe. I'm staying with him until I get my ducks in a row and he's spoiling me rotten. I arrived to brand new, uber thick and fluffy Restoration Hardware bath towels that I mentioned I loved using at his Mother's house. He's been taking me around to look at apartments for rent and cars for sale, AND he's been during my pre-menstrual readjusting phase. I should call him Saint D. I know everything will fall into place, I just put too much pressure on myself and I don't want to wear out my welcome. Obviously I have a Summers worth of adventures to post here, but I must compose a resume right now. I'll be posting on a regular basis again so I look forward to my web stats rising once again!

September 18, 2003

September 11, 2003

So to summarize.......

"I'd have to say that I've discovered I'm more of a vacationer than a traveler really". - Reese Williams