September 29, 2004

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From The Best of Craigslist

How did this happen? I'm not quite sure.

I'm a good guy, some even say a great guy. Fun to be with, interesting witty.

I'm not.

I'm scared sometimes.
I feel alone sometimes.
I feel like people really don't know me.

This is why...

Days become weeks. Weeks become months. Months become years.

Six years at the same job.
It pays well.
I enjoy what I do.
I have a short commute.

Yet I still want to leave.

My entire life in New York.
I love the diversity.
I love the cuisine.
I love the 24/7 lifestyle.
I love being close to my family.

Yet I still want to leave.

I hate being tied down to material things.
I want to burn it all. I really do. I can't.

I commute, work, commute, sleep.
I commute, work, commute, sleep.
I commute, work, commute, sleep.
I commute, work, commute, sleep.
I commute, work, commute, sleep.

My days off are rarely my own.

Errands. All the things you have to do.

Grocery shopping, paying bills, washing clothes.

Take what you make in a month. After taxes.

Take out your rent.
Take out what you spend on food.
Take out what you spend on transportaion.
Take out what you spend on whatever vice you may have to keep yourself going.

Shopping, drugs, alchohol, gambling. Whatever.

Take out your phone bill.
Cable bill.
Cell bill.
Laundry money.

Did I miss anything? Probably.

What do you have left?

Now add up time communting, working, and sleeping on a standard work day.

How many hours out of 24?

Shit, shower, shave, eat. How much left?

This is my point.

WE are ALL slaves to a system.
We are all stuck in some kind of routine.
We are not free to stimulate our minds.

We will never know who we really are beacuse we don't have time to explore it.

That is why I don't know who I am and it bothers me.

What has our life become.

Were we, as people, supposed to be living like this?

Better house, better car, better toys.

Are you happy?

Where is your time to enjoy life?

Who would you have become if you had that chance?

you are


should I go on? I could.

Burn it all.

Fuck McDonalds and Starbucks. Their products are overpriced shit.
The run mom and pop cafes and diners out of business. Fuck them.

Fuck tv.
The majority if it is mind numbing garbage.

Fuck mtv telling you what music is cool.
Go outside see a band that hasn't made it yet.
Pick up a fucking instrument.

Fuck the media for giving our mothers, sisters, and daughter eating disorders.
Fuck the media for making men insecure about their car, penis, house, hair.

What's 75% of your spam mail in your inbox. That's right.

The other 25% is for medication that we need after living the life they give us.

Push up bras, make-up, press on nails, high heels, hair color.
Fuck that.

Pride in ones appearence is one thing.

Being something you are not is something else.

You are beautiful. Stop it.
You do it because we've all been brainwashed. Wake up.

Do you know when a woman is most beautiful?
When she wakes up in the morning.

Guys, stop watching sports, start playing them.

Your missed commection is your own fault. Meet someone.

Meet someone real.

Become some one real.

Fuck material possesions.

I'm slowly getting rid of everything I own.

Eventually I'll leave New York. Probably the U.S. also.

I don't know where I'll go, what I'll do, or what I'll be.

The only thing I will have left is me. The real me. That's what I want to be.

Wine, women, and song. That's all I think I'll need.

September 21, 2004

Word of the Day

My Honey and I have an inside joke regarding words that begin with d-i-s. So I went online today to Mirriam-Webster to expand my ammunition, and found that this is actually a word!

discoing - dancing to disco music

September 09, 2004

Love thy neighbor!

So my Honey has been staying with me for the last three months while he looked for an apartment. Well he's finally found a great place that's clean, bright, and conveniently located about 50 steps away from me! That's right, I won't have to go far for MY booty calls!