May 31, 2001

Up on the roof top sip, sip, sip were the women of Ladies Night May 31st, 2001. Balmy evening, bottles of wineand beer, fruit and cool whip! Here are the minutes as documented by hostess Reese. Amy and Sarah personally know one of the sexiest transexual? hermaphrodite? in San Francisco, Ali has had her fill of boobies lately, Usha has acrophobia, Lisa is continually exploring new oral sensations, Ariel is about to(read in a thick latin accent) "peddle her ass all over town", and Maggie has become detail oriented during round 2 with her beau. Reese's Racing Form in chronological order of how the surfaced:
1) 20 something 6'5' fetching broker-Used to work with me until last week, haven't spent time alone wiht him YET, but notice the capitalization of, YET
2) 27 year old aspiring writer, master lover, psychotic philosophizer-Dated him once in 99 and then again in 2000, he's moving to another continent so there's no fear of commitment while I indulge in one last romp
3) 27 year old dj-Met him ata clash theme house party(attire not the group), spun a beautiful se that mde wiggle for hours, seems very sweet on the phone, We're going to have sushi tonight so I will update tomorrow
4) 27 year old high schoold sweetheart-Emails have been going great, just hoping htat he's not preparing to humiliate me at the reunion ofr sleeping with his best friend back in the day
5) ? year old beautiful prussian named Ali, as in "Muhammad" Ali-Met him at a bar playing pool in Berkeley, just got out of an 11 year relationship so kinda clingy, him needs a fwend
6) 25 year old handsome salesman of sorts-Met him while bowling with friends, lots of chemisrty, but he focuses on that chemistry too much for my taste. I don't know why, it's not like we slept together on the first date or anything.