February 26, 2006

Soooooooo High!!!

Sunday morning wigglng at The End Up! I love you Dirthertz!! No really, I love you!!

February 07, 2006

10) Giving the guy at the door of the Cat Club my admission, only to
learn he was just a guy sitting by the door (Luckily he was honest)

9) The guy in the vinyl goth jacket and eyeliner. Hello? Yes it's
1982, they want their look back

8) The aspiring exotic dancer practicing against the mirrored walls

7) Emily's crawlin' on the floor dance moves (and rallying after being
in her jammies)

6) Colleen's sage wisdom on virtue in the cab

5) Richard's ability to continue to take photos after 6 hours of drinking

4) Ali's colorful parade of dancing partners

3) Having a girl who is out with her boyfriend tell me I that can be
her Lipstick Girl for the night

2) After talking for two minutes, a gay guy telling Robin that he went
down on a girl for the first time recently and "It tasted like

1) Getting asked out by a tranny

photographic evidence

February 01, 2006

Thursday night is ON!!

A little artsy fartsy First Thursday, public humiliation at The Mint, and partying like it's 1999 at the Kat Club for 80's night. Join us. Won't you?