September 18, 2001

Why does eating healthy cost so much more? It's the same at all organic/urban hippie markets, (standing in line with a dread headed girl dressed in a potato sack talking on her cell phone) I'm not singling out Rainbow, but is the message that only the wealthy are allowed to eat better and live longer? Anyway, Rainbow was much bigger than I thought, and I was quite impressed with the diversity of goods stacked on their shelves. I found everything from children's books about potty training titled "Everyone Poops", to hemp tampons.

September 14, 2001

Last night on my bus ride home, a cute, young, Latin boy asked out loud where Leavenworth Street was. An older black gentleman and myself both responded, and the passenger was especially grateful, spreading a smile across all three of our faces. It felt good to be useful during these troubling days, no matter how common the request, or miniscule the effect. A few stops later, as the Latin boy was exiting the bus, a female passenger sitting across from the side door, through her gum wrapper off of the bus into the street as the doors opened.

September 10, 2001

Hawaiian Ginger body wash, no matter how pleasant to the sense of smell first thing in the morning, is NOT pleasant on raw boo-boos strategically located on the right elbow, left knuckles, and left knee; first thing in the morning.