November 24, 2004

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Now I had heard this phrase before, but I don't remember learning that it was so goddamned revolting. I am officially disturbed to the core now. I was trying to find annual festivals in Montana that may be of interest to large business owners. (The businesses are large; not the business owners)

November 19, 2004

Hooch + Shopping = Mayhem

It doesn’t get any better than free booze and brownies, and 20% off everything in one of your favorite overpriced clothiers, followed by some mid-week booty shakin'. Here are Your Majesty's favorite moments from an unexpectedly swilly night out with the girls.

5) Melanie’s ‘I’m not 30 yet’ dance at the bus stop.

4) Slurring “It’s probably the booze” to a cab driver who asked me if I had allergies after I sneezed four times in a row as I teetered into a Starbuck’s on Union Street to use the bathroom while carrying a cup of gin-spiked pink lemonade.

3) Mirella’s demonstrative objection to overpriced micro-skirts.

2) Making a snide remark to a guy at the bar because he wouldn’t move to let me order.

1) Getting asked out by a guy who once told my friend “You got nice tits”. Bonus: he didn’t even ask me my name.

November 12, 2004

Twilight Zone

So I have a good friend helping me out with a project in the office today, and since the said project is monotonously mind numbing, I brought in portable cd players and headphones so we could jam out to dance music. Yesterday I had this random flash vision of my friend cutting her headphone cord. About 15 minutes ago she called my name and when I turned around she was holding the headphones in one hand, and the length of the cord in the other. She felt bad because she broke my headphones, I completely freaked out that I already saw this happen. Did I see it or make it happen?

November 10, 2004

End of the Road

So my Honey and I are splitsville. It happened a couple of weeks ago, but it's been a slow dissolve. It was amicable, but of course it still hurts. I have a lot of work to do on myself, which I'm looking forward to actually. One day at a time. *sniff sniff*

November 05, 2004

Fit for a Queen!!!

November 02, 2004

November 01, 2004

A friend of mine has a residency at the fancy shmancy Headlands Center for the Arts. Here are some pix of his mind blowing work from the Open House a couple of weeks ago.
Saw these Harry Potter knock-offs in Chinatown. Looks like our junior wizard is pretty proud of his Magic Wand!