November 12, 2008

I was out at Norton's Vault for a co-worker's going away. I was really going to miss this person. I drank a bit of scotch. I was introduced to a man whose name I had seen on paperwork around the office but hadn't actually met. Recently I was reminded of that exchange.

Co-worker professionally: "Hi I'm Mr. Wee."

Me as if I've known him forever: "Heeeyyyyyyyy, I see your name on dockets all the tiiiiime, your name is onomatopoeia!"

Co-worker as if I hadn't spoken English: "I'm sorry?"

Me as if I'm a one woman foley department: "You know, when words are spelled like they sound, like POP! BANG! BOOOIIINNNG! Yours is WEEEEEEEEEEE! It's fun!"

Co-worker completely unamused: "Yeah, I guess you're right."

November 10, 2008

Last year I discovered I had a fan base in Sweden. Okay, maybe it was only one reader, but they do read regularly so I'd say they're a fan. I've been exposed to more Swedish cultural gems lately so I must include this in my Swedish top ten. So who's getting bumped? Sorry, Europe but this is your Final Countdown.
People get creative when they're in a bind.

November 05, 2008


Oh happy day, we're finally on the right track. The air seems cleaner. The spring is back in my step. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be the execution of a major change to make a shift, only the collective hope, faith, optimism and possibility of what's to come. No doubt this IS, in fact, a major change, but it began with only the suggestion that we aspire to something greater that set it in motion.

A few weeks ago I was talking with a cab driver about the state of the union and he reminded me how great our country really is. And it wasn't in a blindly loyal or superior way that I'm used to hearing. He noted we are the only country who has successfully existed with so many races and cultures blended together for over 200 years; and I agree. It may be slow going but we're continually moving forward and evolving towards equality. The cabbie added for humor that the U.S. even has an organization to save the tadpoles. How great is a nation where people are even supportive of polliwogs!