January 30, 2005

My Dear Lord

I don't think I can say it enough today. My Dear Lord.

January 29, 2005

Chub Chasers Unite!

So more and more of my female friends are beginning to appreciate the allure of a more robust man. One friend enjoyed resting her head on her new beau's shoulder without the annoyingly familiar feeling of jabbing bone. Another friend has discovered the comfort of using a nice buddha belly as a pillow.

It goes without saying that personal tastes run the gamut, but perhaps maybe women are no longer hastily ruling out a man just because he has a little more cushion for the pushin'!

January 27, 2005

So at our last Ladies Nite, we were sharing our best worst break-up stories. Apparently a lot of men are guilty of going all the way through with orchestrating a nice date just to make sure it's the last.

One lady was broken up with over the soup course and then on the way home was asked if she wanted to go back to his place. Another lady was taken all the way to Muir Woods for a "hike" just so that he could tell her that he didn’t want to date her anymore, but he’d sure like to keep sleeping with her. We know that one Lady’s husband invited a girl over to dinner to tell her he didn't want to see her again, but the unsuspecting dinner guest obviously had much higher hopes for the evening because she showed up with her overnight bag!

We've no doubt that the men’s hearts are in the right places, but allow me to request on behalf of all of us, maybe a cliché “We need to talk” might better prepare us. Then again, maybe the tales years later are worth it.

The truth is...

we're ALL geeks inside

January 26, 2005

d found out that his sister has colon cancer. Please send love and healing thoughts their way.

Step One

is my taking an Italian class, so that if it is Italy I chose to move to, I can get by that much better. After reading this I almost have no preference where I move ,so long as I do. SOON!

Indulge in the Vice and Pay the Price

One would think that after more than a year of a medically imposed sweet-reduced diet, that I would be strong enough to resist the lure of poisonous of sugar; but then one obviously doesn't grasp the intensity of my new fondness for Decaf Mochas. I started out only drinking half of my piping cup of goodness, just to satisfy the craving of course. I have quickly graduated to a bottoms-up, glass licking completion ritual. I'm not proud. I have a thunderous headache and I'm blue. Damn my demons!

ipod down!

So, my precious little Bubblicious experienced the first wrath of her owner's clumsiness. She bounced, skipped and slid down an entire BART escalator. She has some minor contusions and a mild abrasion, but her display was undamaged. The important thing is, she still works just fine!

January 25, 2005

Full steam ahead, here comes a crazy lady!

I haven't gotten more than six hours of sleep a night since last Wednesday. I'm passing through delirious and heading straight into demented.

January 24, 2005

I just picked up my gorgeous new Italian leather boots from the shoe shine and they had me marked as paid even though I hadn't. Lucky me!

Petite Woman/Plus Size Caboose

I bought mediums when clearly I should have gone with the large. A wedgie does not a pleasant day make.

January 23, 2005

Can you imagine Your Majesty monitoring her speech or forsaking her impulses?

That's exactly what I've been reduced to in a particular situation where my patience, pride, and poise are being tested. I know a lot is going to be learned when I look at this from the Zen/Live in the Now/Equanimity ideology, but I've lived all of my life allowing myself to feel and react. To be so close to something that seems so good, and not be allowed to embrace it...!*@%$

The Tony Robbins in me says, "A challenge is just an opportunity for growth". The Margaret Cho in me says, "This is for the fucking birds"!

I'm not only THE queen, but I'm also a Drama Queen occasionally

January 22, 2005

Your Majesty the thtudent

The first thing I've learned since taking my Italian class is to buy your freakin' books early!

January 21, 2005

My Favorite New Euphemism

So my friend in Az was a little grumpy at work and a coworker jokingly asked her if she was PMSing. Her gay boss answered, "No she just needs to get her kitty punched". And I thought 'Getting poked in the whiskers was good'.

January 19, 2005

National Play

So much love, congrats, kudos and high-fives to my friend the Rockstar who just sold a song that was used in tonight's premiere of Point Pleasant on Fox!
Are computer desktop backgrounds the adult's version of bedroom posters? I just set this as mine. I love him.

January 18, 2005

Magic Hands

How could I recap my weekend without mentioning the incredible energy shifting massage I got on Saturday?! Please get his name and number from me the next time you're ready for a rubdown. He released blockages that I must have been holding on to for at least two years, no exaggeration. I think I feel my pluck coming back, the one I've felt has been missing since Summer of 2003. He mixes Chinese, Acupressure, Swedish, and a natural gift for healing that will set you right as rain! Thank You Thank You Thank You Mister Stephens!

January 17, 2005

Back in the Swing of Things?

Well I declare! I went out on a Friday night. And drank. And danced. And loved it! I went out on a Sunday. And drank more than Friday. And danced. And flirted. And loved it!

Friday night I went to The Tonga Room for a friend's birthday and despite feeling robbed blind by the drink prices and surprise $5 'entertainment fee' PER PERSON added to the tab, I had an absolute blast. If you can go with the cheesy flow you really can enjoy the bad 70s and 80s covers and focus on your fun and bubbly entourage. I had one Margarita (a nine dollar and ninety-two cent Margarita to be exact) and shook it to the likes of Barry White and Janet Jackson. I made very limited small talk with a few German guys here on holiday; poor guys had all of SF to choose from on a Friday night and their guidebook recommends The Tonga Room. They said they were pretty jet lagged so they weren't going to be out late, but I gave them a few of Queen Reese's special nightlife tips just in case they got a second wind.

Sunday night I met some friends out to see Gold Chains and The Lovemakers. Unfortunately the back room met it's capacity as we were the next people in line to get in, so we sat at a table just outside the door BUT it worked out better because we could still hear each other talk and we had plenty of room. I drank TWO Margaritas (two very, very strong, bought for me Margaritas to be exact) and proceeded to smoke two cigarettes and flirt shamelessly until closing. Oh and bonus:I also scored a free shot of tequila (which I graciously gave away to a friend because I was already too swilly for my own good) and all I had to do was accidentally get splattered with hot candle wax by the bartender.

I'm taking it easy today and gathering my strength for the week. I start my Italian class tomorrow night and I have a few social engagements on the horizon. It's good to be The Queen!

January 13, 2005

Okay so my PMS may not have started as early as usual, but it's ultra-super concentrated for good measure. If I had a t-shirt that read Go To Hell on it, I would be wearing it today. With pride.

January 12, 2005

My job is not cool

January 10, 2005

If you don't have a view from your office....

check out the Ano Nuevo website for the live sealcam!

January 07, 2005

Ladies Nite quote:

"Face-based butt rubs are the best"! The next time your sweetie has a little stubble, get him to graze your tushy with his cheeks. Apparently it's all the rage!

January 05, 2005

If there's one thing I can't tolerate......

it's STUPID-I-TY!!!!!!!!! Okay, I could take the high road and just say that I'm not always going to be able to communicate with everyone, but damn; if you get an average of three emails a day for 6 weeks with a vendor's name in it as Copymat, all one word, do not email me repeatedly calling them Copy Mate!!!!!!! I'm sure you're well aware that there is more to this story than a simple misspelling. I'm a pill but I'm not that petty.

I was given this project 6 weeks ago, a project which the initial department sat on for two months and then decided in Mid-November that they wanted it completed by year's end. So I take it on, gradually eliminating the former party’s involved because "we didn't communicate effectively” and I kicked ass. I really enjoyed seeing this thing through and always having satisfying up-to-date status report whenever asked (which was often). All the while the heads that initiated the project kept emailing with questions even though I had already taken the time to send out unsolicited status reports just to keep everyone happy. The two of them are in the same office and they are NEVER on the same page. Plus they're emailing me about projects that I told them repeatedly were going to have to wait until after the first of the year if they wanted THIS big sucker done in 6 weeks or less. PLUS while I'm supposed to be finishing this monster in a New York minute, there is a guy in my office who's trying to get me fired because I'm sitting in his "area", and I don't actually work for him, and he can't control me. Proudly, I didn't make a single mistake during the whole high-pressure process. So this week I'm getting a trickle of emails about the project, and the two who are in the same office, email with conflicting requests. So I sent out an email kindly asking them to discuss and give me a final number, and one replies, with a snippy ass attitude, that they were asking for two different things. So sue me you incompetent freak! My first misunderstanding.

My boss said she's probably testy because I've made them look like such lame asses by getting this done so fast and making it look so easy. I don't get satisfaction from making others look bad, it just rubbed me the wrong way when she made it sound like I was a moron for not deciphering their barrage of emails when I’ve been so on top of it from day one. Poopy Head.

January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

I may have been forced to stay home alone on NYE because I'm under the weather, but I was able to see TWO fireworks displays from the comfort of my warm and cozy bed last night!