January 05, 2005

If there's one thing I can't tolerate......

it's STUPID-I-TY!!!!!!!!! Okay, I could take the high road and just say that I'm not always going to be able to communicate with everyone, but damn; if you get an average of three emails a day for 6 weeks with a vendor's name in it as Copymat, all one word, do not email me repeatedly calling them Copy Mate!!!!!!! I'm sure you're well aware that there is more to this story than a simple misspelling. I'm a pill but I'm not that petty.

I was given this project 6 weeks ago, a project which the initial department sat on for two months and then decided in Mid-November that they wanted it completed by year's end. So I take it on, gradually eliminating the former party’s involved because "we didn't communicate effectively” and I kicked ass. I really enjoyed seeing this thing through and always having satisfying up-to-date status report whenever asked (which was often). All the while the heads that initiated the project kept emailing with questions even though I had already taken the time to send out unsolicited status reports just to keep everyone happy. The two of them are in the same office and they are NEVER on the same page. Plus they're emailing me about projects that I told them repeatedly were going to have to wait until after the first of the year if they wanted THIS big sucker done in 6 weeks or less. PLUS while I'm supposed to be finishing this monster in a New York minute, there is a guy in my office who's trying to get me fired because I'm sitting in his "area", and I don't actually work for him, and he can't control me. Proudly, I didn't make a single mistake during the whole high-pressure process. So this week I'm getting a trickle of emails about the project, and the two who are in the same office, email with conflicting requests. So I sent out an email kindly asking them to discuss and give me a final number, and one replies, with a snippy ass attitude, that they were asking for two different things. So sue me you incompetent freak! My first misunderstanding.

My boss said she's probably testy because I've made them look like such lame asses by getting this done so fast and making it look so easy. I don't get satisfaction from making others look bad, it just rubbed me the wrong way when she made it sound like I was a moron for not deciphering their barrage of emails when I’ve been so on top of it from day one. Poopy Head.

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