June 27, 2005

I talked to my little brother last night! First time in three months. He didn't want to talk at first, but when I told him to give the phone to our sister, theeeeeeen he wanted to chat. He was about to go see the Herbie movie and he was pretty excited. He had just seen a 3-D movie and claimed it was 'awesome'. He's having an okay summer, I sure wish I could nab him and let him stay with me until September. I told him to draw me a picture or write me a letter to give to our brother so he can give it to me when he comes to visit next week so hopefully he'll feel like it. Man I hope I don't have to go three more months again.

June 24, 2005

What am I 16?

I got drunk and sang karaoke at an office party last night. Need I say more? Ahhhh yes, there's more. How about the fact that the party was actually held in the office, and I don't remember leaving, or how I got home from the Bart station. And I've saved the best for last; I got sick on Bart and had to puke in my backpack. I'm sure I was soooooo discreet.

June 23, 2005

It figures on a day at work when I'm going to be busy non-stop, and trying to time manage down to the minute, that a co-woker would bring in a bouquet of the one flower I freaking allergic to. Yes, a headache is exactly what I needed to complete my day.
"If we want to be the best, we have to have the best. Missy's the poo. So take a big whiff"
- Torrance Shipman in Bring It On

June 14, 2005


Days like today, I swear to God a hysterectomy sounds like a fucking dream. Last month my period was a week late so I wound up with two weeks of PMS, and now this month I've got symptoms over a week early. I hope like hell Aunt Flow comes early because I won't have any friends left if I have to fell this hormone surge much longer. My boobs are so sore, they ache when I'm sitting still! And I don't have jugs people, ta-tas at best! The world is sandpaper and I'm going to SCREAM!!!!!!

June 07, 2005

Reese Squared

Yesterday I had lunch with Reese Williams. No, I didn't sit in a cafe all by myself, I actually met another Reese Williams. He's a he, and he lives in Hawaii. He emailed me last year when he tried to buy the domain reesewilliams.com and found my site. We've corresponded sporatically since, and while he's in town for a few weeks we decided to finally get together. He seems like a great guy, and now I'm cool enough to have a friend with the same name!

June 03, 2005

Va Bene!

I started my new Italian class last night and it rocks! Only 10 students in the class and my teacher is hilarious. Plus I'm taking it with a friend so I have a built in study buddy. Augurimi la fortuna!