November 24, 2003

A fantastic test for my generation. I got a really high score. Yes, MTV was my babysitter, my mentor, my inspiration.

November 16, 2003

Getting to know you.....

I stayed at D's last night, and when I went home this morning to shower and change, I was thinking about this annoying situation I'm dealing with right now, so I dabbed a little patchouli on my wrists as aromatherapy. Now most people I know can't stand "that fucking hippie smell", but I like the earthy scent on me, it's really grounding for me. Later on I was sounding off thoughts about this situation to D and I asked him if he's learned anything about me from watching me deal with this hairy situation. I know I've learned a lot about people by observing how they handle riffs, especially with people they were once close to. D joked, "Yeah, I've learned that when you're upset you go home and put stinky patchouli on"!

November 15, 2003

My web hosting stats show that I have a faithful reader in Seychelles. Please drop me an email and tell me a little bit about yourself and how you stumbled across My Greatness from a far corner of the globe.
I went to hear Brian Eno speak about The Long Now at Ft. Mason last night. I'm such a sucker for visionary social movements. It's so true though, that our current culture isn't really concerned with making an impact beyond next week, or ambitiously, next year. Brian mentioned the beginnings of a book of 250 projects that we can embark on now to help the future 10,000 years from now. The format would be an 'issue' per page, with the issue/problem/concern listed at the top, a paragraph on the big picture of what ideally should happen, a paragraph of what we as individuals can do to start making progress, and then links to books and websites at the bottom. It's true that we cannot imagine the types of issues we'll be facing so far from now, but in taking action to remedy problems of today, we're making progress yeh? And this is totally my vision, but perhaps we'll evolve into a socitey of less self-absorbed, narrow minded beings. A girl can dream can't she? You can bet I'll be there the second Friday of every month to hear the featured speaker. Drop me an email if you want to go!
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November 03, 2003

The Vamps are Champs!!

I was Anita Lay, part of the crowd pleasing Roller Derby Team mentioned in the article. Of course I spent most of the night with my skates slung over my shoulder because I SUCK at roller skating, but I just told people that the REF through me out of the game because of excessive force. Pat MyAss showed up at half-time, and despite her lack of uniform still joined in huddles and pretended to clothesline teammates Amanda Love, and Fonda Dicks. My personal highlight of the night was crashing against a restaurant window while diners inside squealed with excitement as we engaged in a faux knock-down drag out pile-up. The REF hurried over and blew his whistle, but before he could make a call, he lost his balance and found himself kissing the sidewalk.

I don't know how in the HELL I flew down hills and around corners on skates as a kid. My excuse, reasoning for my poor dispay of roller coordination, is that the wheels on the skates were too loose. I'll have to remember the skate key next time!