September 24, 2008

I'm proud to be an artist

A little giggle material for you in the middle of the day. And there's more!
Man, nothing will motivate you to clean, organize and redecorate your room like a pile of homework. I now have the most aesthetically pleasing bedroom I've ever had and I'm two weeks behind in my textile class. I needed beautiful surroundings to inspire me to create beautiful patterns. Yes, that's my reasoning!

September 02, 2008

And women get labeled as psycho?!

Take a few moments and enjoy Dimitri the Stud:Part One and Dimitri the Stud:Part Two

I’ve always believed that females were much more perceptive with social cues than men; Hazzah for women’s intuition! I dated a guy like this guy a lifetime ago, and it is equally entertaining and saddening when someone is developing the story without your participation. It amazes me when I meet people who are so self-absorbed and yet still so self-unaware that it’s imperative for them to project based purely on speculation and assumptions rather than accept reality. “It’s human nature to fill in the silence with our own insecurities” (thank you Keen Eddie) ,but sharing them with others, especially the subject of said anxiety is not healthy, effective or attractive. But their ramblings make for great YouTube and Blogger fodder you have to admit.