March 16, 2010

Mixed Signals

So this is a pretty standard warning

But a bit prohibitive when placed on a product like this

January 09, 2010


On 16th Street between Guerrero and Valencia, possibly belonging to  Inmate Barbie or Gangbang Smurf. Currently being used as a pendant for safe keeping.

December 20, 2009

Look at his face. It's like he KNOWS the two dollar bill is going to be obsolete.  Lincoln on the five looks proud, Hamilton on the ten looks kind of hot, Jackson on the twenty looks content, but poor Jefferson...

November 02, 2009

I think these Sock Monkey pajamas are having a fun time in the washing machine

October 28, 2009

Cross your Ts but please don't dot your capital Is

I have to believe this was a conscious, stylistic choice but I do not believe I could ever be convinced of a good enough reason why.