December 29, 2006

it'll blow your mind, dude!

You must rent Life in the Undergrowth straight away. Who knew watching slugs doin' it could be so captivating?!

December 27, 2006

Notes from the raod

I wrote this last week when my flight was delayed 7 hours in Phili due to fog.

I'm in airport hell
awake 25 hours
safety first I guess

Exhaustion sets in
filling out holiday cards
trying to stay zen

the humanity
scarier by the minute
going home is jinxed

oh airport musak
holiday tunes like torture
suicidal now

December 26, 2006

Why god, why????????

We no longer have gmail at the office. That pretty much means I have to quit.

December 22, 2006

It should be no suprise by the look on his face, that when we asked him where we should sit he patted his knee!

Toot Toot

Yesterday a friend of mine who I work with came down and asked me for my advice on re-printing and framing small prints of artwork. I asked her what she wanted to frame and she said, "These"! She was holding the calendar of my paintings that I gave out last year as holiday gifts; she had no idea that I had created the artwork. It was a great moment of statisfaction!!

Reality is setting in

I walked to the Ferry Building for lunch and as I looked around at all of the seasonal decorations, I realized that this is my last holiday season in the Bay Area for a while. This is my NINTH Yule here and I've celebrated in a myriad of ways from being knee-deep in children's toys (even though there were no children present) to playing pool at the Shotwell with a drunk Mexican man who cried on my shoulder about never really experiencing a childhood for himself because he had his first kid at 14. So this time next year I will be strolling the streets of Rome or Florence, freezing my ASS off, BUT-freezing my ass off in a beautiful new country, learning a new language, and putting my adaptability skills to the test. I'm excited, anxious and terrified, and I can't wait!

December 08, 2006

I think you misunderstand

So I have a new Italian-speaking friend who's going to help me with my conversation skills. Last week I learned we have a mutual friend whose father is the director for an art school in Florence. I asked my friend if he had the guy's email address because I wanted to talk to his father about financial aid and student visas. My new friend completely got me wrong and thought that I was going to ask this guy to help me pay for college!

December 07, 2006

I'm Jesus' age!

A couple of weeks ago I turned 33. I wasn't very happy about it. I kept it super low-key and had a pajama party with a few close gal pals. And I'm so grateful because I had a fantastic time. Plus I thought I was going to go my whole birthday without a cake, but my sweet friends rallied and presented me with a beautiful and tasty confection. We played a toss-n-catch game with the youngest guest, applied fake tattoos for the elderly (my favorite was a picture of an adult diaper with the caption 'Out of Control'), and drank beautiful red wine. Thank you lovely ladies for ushering in another year with love and laughter. Take a peek at pics here.

December 06, 2006

Sometimes I have the uncontrollable urge to throw something at the back of someone's head. Although technically I guess it controllable since I haven't given in yet. I wouldn't get satisfaction from hurting them, just surprising them a little. Yet I never picture smyself throwing a pillow, most of the time it's fruit. And if I'm not fantasizing about prjecting something in their direction, if they're close enough, I have visions of plucking them real hard. But always on the back of the head.