January 17, 2005

Back in the Swing of Things?

Well I declare! I went out on a Friday night. And drank. And danced. And loved it! I went out on a Sunday. And drank more than Friday. And danced. And flirted. And loved it!

Friday night I went to The Tonga Room for a friend's birthday and despite feeling robbed blind by the drink prices and surprise $5 'entertainment fee' PER PERSON added to the tab, I had an absolute blast. If you can go with the cheesy flow you really can enjoy the bad 70s and 80s covers and focus on your fun and bubbly entourage. I had one Margarita (a nine dollar and ninety-two cent Margarita to be exact) and shook it to the likes of Barry White and Janet Jackson. I made very limited small talk with a few German guys here on holiday; poor guys had all of SF to choose from on a Friday night and their guidebook recommends The Tonga Room. They said they were pretty jet lagged so they weren't going to be out late, but I gave them a few of Queen Reese's special nightlife tips just in case they got a second wind.

Sunday night I met some friends out to see Gold Chains and The Lovemakers. Unfortunately the back room met it's capacity as we were the next people in line to get in, so we sat at a table just outside the door BUT it worked out better because we could still hear each other talk and we had plenty of room. I drank TWO Margaritas (two very, very strong, bought for me Margaritas to be exact) and proceeded to smoke two cigarettes and flirt shamelessly until closing. Oh and bonus:I also scored a free shot of tequila (which I graciously gave away to a friend because I was already too swilly for my own good) and all I had to do was accidentally get splattered with hot candle wax by the bartender.

I'm taking it easy today and gathering my strength for the week. I start my Italian class tomorrow night and I have a few social engagements on the horizon. It's good to be The Queen!

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