November 19, 2004

Hooch + Shopping = Mayhem

It doesn’t get any better than free booze and brownies, and 20% off everything in one of your favorite overpriced clothiers, followed by some mid-week booty shakin'. Here are Your Majesty's favorite moments from an unexpectedly swilly night out with the girls.

5) Melanie’s ‘I’m not 30 yet’ dance at the bus stop.

4) Slurring “It’s probably the booze” to a cab driver who asked me if I had allergies after I sneezed four times in a row as I teetered into a Starbuck’s on Union Street to use the bathroom while carrying a cup of gin-spiked pink lemonade.

3) Mirella’s demonstrative objection to overpriced micro-skirts.

2) Making a snide remark to a guy at the bar because he wouldn’t move to let me order.

1) Getting asked out by a guy who once told my friend “You got nice tits”. Bonus: he didn’t even ask me my name.

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