July 02, 2007

And I only go on about one date a year because...

A few weeks ago I went to Mendocino for a three-day Vipassana meditation retreat. We practiced noble silence which means no talking, no eye contact and no gestures, you're supposed to focus inward and ignore those around you. We're given a hearty breakfast and lunch, but only tea for dinner. The silence, no eye contact and even restricted diet I can abide by, but I'm much too much of an observer/busybody to tune everyone out, so I happened to notice there were a few cute guys in the men's group. On the last day noble silence was broken they set out snacks and "noble chatter" began. I was scooping some popcorn into my bowl when one of the cuties approached and asked how the popcorn was. This was my reply, "It's great, fiber, just what I need right now". Yeah. I'll give you a minute to let the horror sink in. Why I felt it was vital to let this hottie know that I needed to poo is beyond me. In my defense, I had been without social interaction for three days.

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