August 29, 2004

What has gotten into me?

I mean, you see and read things that are irritating all the time, but I'm actually taking the time to share with the offenders how irked I am. I was perusing the 'talent gig' section of craigslist and I see this ad:

Female Front singer WANTED for Rock Band
Drumer and Guitarist/song writer seek female lead singer for original rock band.
Age can vary, but 18-27 is desirable. Experiance is prefered, but if you have the heart and soul all the more better. We are leaving the position open to a pretty wide selection of talent so we hope to hear from all kinds that would like to fill the position.Unspireted Uncreative, and those who have stage fright need not aply,for we WILL be out in the music public eye."COMON" Yaall it's going to be fun.We all love Music all kinds, However our main goal is get back to the roots with it. Guitars throug tube amps,hammond b3, Tight rythem section amd YOU the female with the son-ofa-bitch-ofa voice. phone calls ok. Ask for Jimmy he's Amsome!! 310-***-****.

To which I posted a reply in the 'talent gig' section of craigslist:
These guys want their Rock Chick to be "spirited" but obviously not literate. What kind of a musician can't spell rhythm? And Jimmy may be "Amsome" but he can't spell worth a shit. Rock on boneheads! Smoke another bowl.

So I get an email today from one of the 'Female Front Singer' wannabees, and she writes:
I have no professional experience however I have the spirit and the soul to fuck shit up. I am into all kinds of music. I was a singer in my past life if that helps. No I am not loony tunes. Give me a call we can discuss more. I have tattoos and piercings, I am definitaly not shy I love the stage, lights, etc. I am the life of the party and an awesome entertainer I have a little fan club at the kareoke bar. And I can spell, I am rusty on reading music but I do know how I used to play the violin no I am not a geek here's a pic see if I match with the bands image...

She also includes a few skanky images of herself, oh and her email includes the phrase 'jarzeebrawd'. Well you know I just had to put her on the right track to the appropriate people. A good deed if you will. So I kindly sent her an email:
I am not the one you want to send your information to.  I was simply
replying to an ORIGINAL posting, posted by the rock band.  I have no
idea who they are, I'm not even in L.A.  Also, if you're going to add
specifically that you CAN spell, Kareoke is actually k-a-r-A-o-k-e.
Good luck to you, I hope you get in touch with the band, I've included
a link below to their posting with their email address for you.

Her reply: Thanks smart guy

My final reply, I'm a smart woman actually, and you're welcome.

I'm not in any way claiming that I can spell every word out there, but I think when you're trying to present yourself to be taken seriously, spellcheck for fuck's sake. Gosh I'm being such a Royal Pain in the Ass!!!!

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