October 11, 2002

Red Flag

I've exchanged three, small talk emails with this guy from nerve.com. We swapped phone numbers and made plans to go out Tuesday night. I called him Tuesday evening and told him that my early plans were running late, and that I wasn't feeling all that well anyway, so I would drop him a line on Wednesday to let him know if I felt like getting together. He sounded fine with it, and wished me getting better. I took off from work on Wednesday because I was so sick, and when I was across the street at my neighbor friend's house getting drugs (vitamin C and Advil), I hopped on her computer and dropped him a note.

subject-I'm a Flake
Hi so and so,
I have to postpone once again, I'm feeling so bad that I didn't even go to work today. My glands are huge and my throat is on fire! I have your number so I'll drop you a line when I'm feeling human again.

His reply:

subject-flakey gurl
The flaky part is the email. You could just call. Which I hope you'll
when you're feeling better. I am curious how your meeting at 111
so and so

My throat was huge and on fire you anal retentive prick, THAT"S why I emailed. I didn't feel like wasting what little energy I had on a nit-picky freak like you! And he wants me to still call him after a remark like that? I can see this penis wrinkle down the road with whoever has the misfortune of making a connection "Excuse me honey," "How can you explain that you bought single roll toilet paper instead of the double roll". "Just what is going on here"?
I'm not even going to dignify this with a reply. Just to reiterate, I'm taking the month of November off from dating!

p.s. We missed the woman we were supposed to talk to at Minna so we're going to try again next week.

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