October 14, 2002

"Call Me"

So a friend of mine accepted a ride home with a guy after a conference week before last. She had just met him, and when he dropped her off, he asked for her phone number. She gave him her number, although she wasn't bowled over with enthusiasm, she wouldn't have minded getting together to check him out. This was Thursday. He called her on Friday during the day, multiple times, but only left one message. She was going to call him Friday night, but got busy and planned on calling Saturday. He called Friday night, multiple times. She was a bit put off at his tenacity without any encouragement on her part, and decided she would wait until Sunday, see how she felt about it, and call him then. He called over, and over, and over. It's been a little over a week, and he's called twenty-nine times without ever having spoken to her. Does he think this is a radio call in contest or something? He's only left two messages, in the beginning, but does he not know that everyone has caller ID? Where is this dude's impulse control? Where is his pride? Call, yes. Leave a message, yes. Call after the weekend in case she was out of town or busy, yes. But call every time she crosses your mind, no no no no no no.... I know that it's disappointing when you're interested and it doesn't pan out, but get a grip! What posses a person to pursue with absolutely NO reciprocation? I'm not saying my friend isn't amazing, because if he actually knew her, he'd probably be passing over her house in an airplane with a desperate banner trailing behind "Why don't you like me"??

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