October 11, 2002

It's A BOY!

Yesterday I witnessed the birth of a good friend's son. This was the second time I've had the honor of experiencing this humbling moment, and I'll take every chance I can get. 8lbs 12oz, 21" long, healthy and BEAUTIFUL! After about 12 hours of epidural concealed contractions, his head came out during the practice pushes, and the rest after only 3 pushes! I learned that the key to a peaceful delivery is prenatal yoga and numbing juice released directly into the spine. The Verve was lying when they said 'The drugs don't work', because I've seen first hand how a constant supply of a local anaesthetic can alleviate the unbearable pain that makes you want to DIE. And when my time comes, I'll be pushing the button like the returning champion on Jeopardy my friends, because as one nurse put it, "If the baby is okay, why be in pain". Hell, the nurses encourage you to push the magic button as much as you want, I even saw a nurse sneak a few clicks in herself. The device has a guard on it so you can't over medicate yourself, and it doesn't harm to the baby. Natural shmatural. I guarantee at two centimeters dialated you'll be tackling the nurse that holds the keys to the narcotics cart like a fat kid would the dessert tray. Congratulations Mom and Dad, you did good. And welcome little man, you're a lucky dude to be a part of such a wonderful family. *sniff*

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