October 16, 2007

When I first arrived in Florence I posted that I had eaten the best panino ever, and while I still feel like it was a superior delectability, the title of 'Sandwich So Good It'll Make You Want to Cry' must be awarded to I Fratellini. I've eaten there so much in the last two weeks that when I arrived yesterday and announced "Il numero quindici con bicchiere di vino" the cashier replied with a grin, "Si, Si, Si, the usual, and I get to choose di vino". The number 15 is tender, savory salami, soft and tangy goat cheese and sweet fennel served on perfectly warm, crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside bread; it's that simple. The small glass of wine is just enough to compliment the sandwich and make my art lecture afterwards a little more interesting and it's turned me on to some lovely new labels. Seating is the sidewalk and the whole experience costs me less than 5 euro. Molto Buono!

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