May 28, 2007

you know i can see you, right?

I am so over people grooming themselves on public transportation. I understand when you have a 30+ minute commute there's the inclination to take advantage of your time trapped in a tube and take care of some business. Brush up on current events, meditate, catch up on email, daydream, get to the next level of Grand Theft Auto, whatever you can do that's silent and solitary. But clipping your nails, cleaning out your ears, flossing or POPPING PIMPLES...these are things that should be left to the privacy of your own home. I'm an extra freak and believe these things should only take place in the bathroom, but as long as I don't have to see it, carry on. Perhaps I can stop people from doing these things by warning that performing some of these activities in a moving vehicle can be dangerous. If the train or bus comes to an abrupt stop you could snip off the tip of your finger with your clippers, or stab your brain while picking your nose. Is it a city 'anything goes' thing? Is it a California 'laid back' thing? In a few months I'll let you now if Florentines lack public couth as well.

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