May 15, 2007

Monday I was in Walgreens with a friend discussing the differences between Mucus Relief and Mucinex, when I felt something graze my arse. I noticed a woman walking past us out of the corner of my eye and assumed that as she was trying to get by an maybe her purse or something brushed my bum. But when it didn't stop I looked down and saw her 10 year-old son's hand rubbing my fanny! My friend said I had one of those 'deer in headlights' looks on my face, then we both started laughing so hard we were crying. He didn't even seem to notice he was doing it! As we walked out I said, "What's even funnier is getting felt up by a 10 year-old in a drugstore is the most action I've gotten in a loooooooong time"!

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