November 20, 2006


So I've been really excited for the last two weeks, doing loads of research to go to Italy next year, but I learned this weekend that I can't get a student visa for going over and studying Italian; they require full-time, degree seeking status. This means much more money in tuition. So I looked at my genealogy paperwork again and I have at least three major setbacks there. I qualify for sure, but there are a few discrepancies on the documentation I have and it would take court orders and wads of cash to amend. So this week I will begin researching more education options including grants and loans, and I will start writing letters to the powers that be regarding dual citizenship. I'll take on the whole country if I have to!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Reese, it's Sara. Have you considered the au pair abroad option? Maybe not exactly ideal, but it is a way to get over there. This sight lists some different programs:

Hope you are doing well!