April 27, 2005

Sono Italiano

Ever since I met my biological father just over a year ago and learned that I may be part Italian and Native American, I've been trying to get some relative's names to do research. I'd love to have an Italian passport youknowwhatI'msaying. Well it hasn't been easy. Tom (bio-dad) has had major computer issues so he doesn't get to email as much as he wants, and he's had the wrong phone number for me for the past four months. And apparently the person in the family who would have the information is getting old and her memory isn't so good. I figured I'd have to go to courthouses in Illinois and start with Tom's name and work my way back, but yesterday when I got home from work, there was an email from Tom with names! So one of my Great-Grandmothers was Natalia Bonn from Austria, and my Great-Grandfather was Antonio Turra! Tom said his Aunt who gave him the names might even have an original copy of their marriage license! That makes it so much easier to locate birth certificates. This is a fantastic lead, but I do have another obstacle. I have to look into proving Tom as my father since he's not on my birth certificate. Ah well, good thing I love investigating.

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