April 25, 2005

An A for Effort

Saturday night at a charity party at the DNA Lounge, with the worst music EVER, Abby and I gave a valiant effort to dance and mingle anyway. I spotted a guy who I had flirted with at the Jell-O wrestling party a while back. I wasn't terribly attracted to his face, but his body was amazing however, Eloise just told me was only 23, and watching him dance on stage like it was MTV's Spring Break, I was getting the impression he certainly acted his age.

So at one point he's standing next to me and he starts talking to me and I remind him that we've already met and he starts to fill in the blanks. "Oh yeah, but you wore your cowboy hat all night, you changed your hair, or I guess your hair was like this just under the hat. You're lucky I like short hair". Oh well thank GOD! I was beginning to think I was going to die an old maid because I decided to strip myself of my 'femininity'. I AM lucky you came along! Jockstrap.

All in all I had fun laughing and chatting with Abby and Eloise and a couple of guy pals of hers. I'm glad Abby wouldn't let me stay in my comfortable shell on the sidelines. Who in the world would have thought I could be a wallflower, but the longer I go without a date the more removed I feel. I'm going through a little bitter phase at the moment. But thanks to Abby I did have two great revelations last night: one is that I may not be flirting as much as I used to, but it's because I don't have the need for men to show interest if I'm not interested. And two, I need someone who is my social equal. Not class, but outgoingness. My last boyfriend was very sweet and funny in private, but I love men who are sociable and playful in public.

Regina's Top Five from the Orkut Party:

5) My two self-insights

4) Making Abby laugh hysterically in the bathroom because I knew all the words to Freaks of the Industry by Digital Underground

3) Being "Lucky" enough to run into "Mick" again

2) Talking my way into the club b/c we weren't on the list

1) Witnessing Abby's brief lesbianesque interlude on the dancefloor

Bonus: The gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, GAY paid dancers

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