February 09, 2005

Of Course It Is Part 2

Required Reading: Of Course It Is Part 1

You know how when you're trying not to think of someone so much and the universe decides to present you with panging reminders? Argument says that during sensitive times we're just more aware of these 'coincidences'.

Last Thursday, the day after I bowed out of the bizarre love triangle, (I know how you guys love when I slip lyrical references in) I was trying to buy a BART ticket but the machine kept spitting out my quarter. Again and again and again it dropped it into the change tray. After inspecting the rejected coin I realized that it was a Canadian quarter. Of course it is! Over the weekend I was introduced to two men at two different parties who share the same name as the recently unexplored crush. Of course I did! And just today I was given the task of following up on a software order from last year. The date of the order was November 24th. "Eeeee" I squealed, that's the day before my birthday. "Harumph" I moaned, that's the day we met. Say it with me now, Of course it is!

Luckily we didn't have a song otherwise I'm sure I'd hear it every time I turned on the radio, from every car that passed by, and in every cafe and retail store I entered

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