December 09, 2004

Exercise the right NOT to Accessorize!

So a friend of mine here in SF recently joined an online social network of people from her home country in Eastern Europe. Her motive wasn't dating necessarily, but she's open to consider any intriguing prospects that may show interest. Prospects that is who don't wear fanny packs! She got an email from a handsome, well traveled, pleasant sounding man; however, she said that in his profile photo he is wearing a big ol' black fanny pack. And it's not a picture from the 80's, it's from last Summer. Shallow? Oh hell no! I obligatorily asked my friend if he was cute enough to overlook the atrocity, but I think we all know that no degree of hunkiness could make up for a style blunder of this magnitude. Listen up men; it may be convenient, it may be culturally acceptable, but it damn sure ain't gonna get ya laid!

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