December 16, 2004


So last night I went to Ruby Skye with full confidence that I was on 'The List'. My friend and I walked up to a woman holding a clipboard and presented our ids. She politely informed us that we were not on the list. I asked if there might be another list. She replied that it is possible that the headlining DJ may bring his own list later in the night. We checked with will call, and even approached the general manager. No luck. Tickets were selling for a whopping $35 a pop, and my friend I just didn't fell like it was worth it. We called our friends who were supposed to be meeting us there, to let them know we couldn't get in, and they told us that they had just walked in five minutes ago! We debated about sucking up the charge to join our friends, but we opted to call it a night. Thanks to the nice passerby who was kind enough to offer us some blow while we were standing outside deciding what to do.

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