February 24, 2003

Responses to Polygamy My Ass!

--"Yes, it is true; a European man can be in love with one and have sex
another. The one he loves is obviously the one that has taken his
heart not
his body. Sex is very open in Europe and most European do not have
hang ups. It is sort of like a test you know. If one is committed
have sex with another, it will either make the relationship stronger
weaker. It is like testing your feelings really."

--"Believe me, this is NOT a European thing, and it’s NOT common in Europe. I was born and raised in Holland (arguably the most liberal country in the world) and believe me, if MY boyfriend would dare suggest something like that, he would find his ass out the door ASAP.
If you love somebody, you don’t want to share them, and you don’t need anybody else, in ANY culture. He’s full of shit."

--"I'm from northern Europe and I have
heard of this being common anywhere. Just as it is uncommon here it is
uncommon over there, believe me. I think it's more of an individual
than anything else (whatever this guy says). Please don't think all
Europeans are this way. Northern Europe is the most liberal place you
find and even there - same rules apply. If you are in a relationship
should stick to one person only.
Like you, I can't understand how you can love someone and then be with
someone else too. I guess this is the ideal situation for some men, but
as a woman I wouldn't (and couldn't) tolerate it.

Anyway, good luck to you. There are tons of great European men in the
who aren't into this sort of stuff. Keep your eyes open and take care
that heart of yours. This Austrian guys sounds like trouble."

--"I live with a European and know many...its a complete line. Total crap.
not common practice in Europe. Don't ever fall for the "up-tight
thing. What's common is slimy foreign men using the age old whopper. I
wouldn't trust him to save your own life. Enjoy the tension but that
one's s
scam artist. Stay away!"

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