February 24, 2003

Polygamy My Ass!

Crushed by my crush. I may see things differently in days to come, but tell me now, where is the merit in this exchange. It was lust as first sight. I flirt with a man for five days. A beautiful, thirty-six year old, Austrian marine biologist/photographer with a name that rolls off of your tongue. He's supposed to be photographing me in front of bed legs (the main focus of the shoot), but its so captivated with me, he forgets about his assignment and shoots several rolls of me alone. He acknowledges the attraction is mutual. On the last night of the project, we wind up tipsy and naked in a hot tub. After several hours of intense heavy petting in the pool house and the hot tub, he casually informs me that he would very much like to be with me, but I would have to be a part of his pre-existing four year relationship with the woman he loves. He says that only Americans have the jealousy hang-up and if I would just open my mind to the possibilities, he thinks that I would find it satisfying. Now maybe I'm confused from the booze. Perhaps I'm disoriented because I've been up for two days straight. Call me American. But if I'm going to like someone this much, I want them all to myself. Is that so wrong? Should I get on board with a new relationship for a new millennium? FUCK NO! I'm not spending precious energy getting someone hot and horny so he can go home to his girlfriend.

Opinions Wanted: Would any of my loyal subjects be up for a love triangle?