December 16, 2002

Merry Mischief

It's hilarious what you find on your camera after it's been passed around a party where everyone is out of their heads. A close friend threw an invite only, formal holiday shin-dig at his place Saturday night. Between the Ambassador and the Vaporizer, there weren't many coherent speakers in the bunch, except for my sober ass. I tried making nice with the Ambassador, but it burned all the way down so I opted for H2O. I've still never gotten a clear answer on what makes up the Ambassador, but I'm certain that it's several types of liquor and the only thing it 'represents' is impaired motor skills and a massive hangover. The apartment was decorated most cozy and festive, and the nibbles were above and beyond. I should have remembered to stuff my purse with the little crab filled pastries. The cops were nice enough to stop by twice, I was witness to a guy getting his ass beat in a wrestling match by a girl, and I was introduced to pre-moistened flushable butt wipes. And to all a good night!

Pictures can be seen on The Queen's Photos page

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