October 08, 2002

Mixed Signals

The gay boy at the local cafe has been entirely too flirty with me in my opinion. My fun co-worker (who is a gay boy) and I think that he is foxy. Every time we go in, my co-worker said that cafe boy was checking me out. He would compliment my dress while gawking at my booty and make small talk. So a few weeks ago I asked the girl at the counter who the guy was with the shaved head and blue eyes that I sometimes see there and she said he was the owner. I told her that my friend thought he was cute, and asked if he liked boys or girls and she said boys. But I swear when I go in there, he is so interested in chatting and hanging out with me until my food comes...I'm not one of those girls who thinks that every guy that talks to her likes her. It was my co-worker who had to point out to me that he thought this guy was hitting on me. So today I was placing my order and they ask your name, and he's standing within ear shot and he says, "I thought your name was Jessica". I said "Actually it's Reese, but I use this name (wouldn't you like to know) when I come here because Reese yelled out sounds too much like the other names that they call out". So he walks the length of the bar muttering Reese, Reese, Reese.....After I picked up my salad I smiled at him and said thanks and he says "You're welcome REESE"!, with a big ol' smile and a flash of those baby blues. Time to grow some balls and ask the kid out.

I'm not sure, but I think my date from Saturday night may haven given me a booty call last night. He called close to 11pm, from a bar where he had been drinking and watching the game, and his first question was, "How are your spots"? See the spots were one of the reasons why I didn't want to get naked in the bed with him. That and it was our first date. Okay, so I would have gotten naked, but it doesn't mean I would have 'gone all the way'. Really, I wouldn't have. I can't stand the feeling after casual sex anymore, just not worth it. I emailed him this morning and asked him if it was in fact a booty call, but no response. I can't say I blame him, I did go home with him the first night. And I am DEAD SEXY! But I actually enjoyed his company enough that I'd rather not be kept in the bedroom.

My boss gave me the results of my review and it looks like I'm getting a bonus for all of the hard work I've been doing in the last four months, BUT since I haven't had a chance to prove myself enough as full on office manager/PR, due to the rush of finishing this last big project, he has suggested another review in three months where upon, I will be greatly rewarded for my sucking up, er um, hard work and efforts. Ah well. Now I have a challenge and I have money to burn!

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