October 06, 2002

Can I Get An AMEN?!

I went on my lunch date yesterday. He's really nice. He's very tall and handsome, and soft spoken. We had lunch and chatted for about an hour and a half. He's from New York, his Dad was a film producer, and he's interested in the biz as well. Although there was no immediate chemistry, I would like to enjoy his company again.

I went on my night date, and it lasted until morning. (gasp) I wasn't a total skank, despite the 4 lemon drops consumed on an empty stomach. It wasn't due to a lack of pursuit, but I'm still a tad spotty from my camping expedition, and I don't feel like the saucy Monarch that I am. Finally a set of lips worth smooching. He's very cute, and he makes me laugh. I liked kissing him, and he liked rubbing my booty. He bit the bullet and went to The Stud with me until 3am, nice sacrifice. We didn't make plans to see each other again, but I'd say yes if he asked. Hell, I think I would even call and ask this one myself.

I went this morning and met friends for brunch, a friend cooked a delicious eggs gravlax, rosemary potatoes, biscuits, and a fruit tart. I actually had the nerve to wash it all down with 2 mimosas. We walked around the Castro Street Fair for about an hour, and now I'm preparing for a nice Sunday afternoon nap!

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