October 04, 2002

Bizee Beaver
Hey Beavis, she said Beaver!

I'm going out to dinner with friends tonite. I have a brunch date tomorrow. I'm going out for drinks for a co-worker's birthday tomorrow night. I have a date tomorrow nite after birthday cocktails. I'm having brunch with friends on Sunday and then hopefully getting some laundry dome Sunday nite. I don't know too much about my dates. They responded to my ad in the personals, so we'll see. My Missed Connections dude didn't call and ask me out again. Ah well, I got my very first piece of camping gear as a parting gift!
I've been working to promote my fun co-workers art because he is so amazing, and we've been asked to meet with the art person at 111 Minna on Tuesday, isn't that just awesome?! Chatting people up and getting them enthused, yeah I was born to do it!

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