November 12, 2008

I was out at Norton's Vault for a co-worker's going away. I was really going to miss this person. I drank a bit of scotch. I was introduced to a man whose name I had seen on paperwork around the office but hadn't actually met. Recently I was reminded of that exchange.

Co-worker professionally: "Hi I'm Mr. Wee."

Me as if I've known him forever: "Heeeyyyyyyyy, I see your name on dockets all the tiiiiime, your name is onomatopoeia!"

Co-worker as if I hadn't spoken English: "I'm sorry?"

Me as if I'm a one woman foley department: "You know, when words are spelled like they sound, like POP! BANG! BOOOIIINNNG! Yours is WEEEEEEEEEEE! It's fun!"

Co-worker completely unamused: "Yeah, I guess you're right."

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