June 11, 2008

Well Mr.T and I are a couple no more. It's a sad relief. It would be easier if we were wrong for each other in every way, but we're compatible in so many ways; just not the ways to sustain a healthy relationship. It's great that we recognized it before it turned angry or ugly, and giving ourselves a second chance was the right move, so now there's no doubt or regret. This was my deepest and most meaningful relationship to date, and I've learned and changed so much for the better because of it. I will allow myself to honor missing him when I feel it, while appreciating that we're no longer frustrated expecting things of each other that the other can't fulfill. I'm confident that given enough time we'll be friends. As he said last weekend, we have a lot of love and care between us, it just needs to find a new place.

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Ami said...

very well expressed...
I'm sorry I haven't called... I'm with the kids all day! It's so hard to chat on the phone...I do, however, leave my webcam on and run around naked!

No. not really. I'll try and call this weekend, if you're around.