March 14, 2007

The thing that bugs me about so many romance movies (besides the disgusting do-see-do of a-list celebrities) is that they make it appear as though the couple is desperately in love after like, a glance, or reaching for the same apple. Next we'll see a steamy bedroom scene and we're supposed to accept superficial lust for deep, passionate love by which either would combat government interference, disease, social hierarchy, or time travel just to be with the other. BULL! I just watched Prime with Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg and it was great because it showed them spending quality time together. I completely understood why they wanted to be together and make it work despite the obstacles. There was walking in the park, sweet gestures, acting goofy, witty banter, the good stuff. Quality time is essential. BELIEVE ME. If you skip the getting to know you and go directly into hopelessly devoted, I gotta tell ya, not so satisfying. Of course we know that, but we can get so anxious to get what we want that we ignore the reality and wind up feeling worse because the current is so wrong. Patience grasshopper. So now I'm on the hunt for truly romantic films, that may not have that sweeping, 'reunited and it feels so good kiss', but the relationships are based on fundamental compatibilities and genuine affection. Who's with me?!

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