April 17, 2005

Wednesday I learned that my sister in-law and niece are attending a wedding in Napa on the 30th of this month, and so they’re staying with me until the 2nd! I'm thrilled to play host to my new-found family, but does anyone know how badly timed this is? The new season of The Family Guy premiers Sunday night at 9pm. "Yeaaaaaah, I know you came all the way out here from Illinois and all, but I have to go watch cartoons with my friends". And I can't really invite them along. There are acts involved in The Family Guy ritual that severely Christian Midwest in-laws just don't need to be a part of. EVER! And then there's the show itself! Despite my personal view, I doubt others would be so amused if my very well behaved six year-old niece went back to little old Collinsville exclaiming, "Damn it to the bloody bowels of hell"! after a visit with Auntie Reese.

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