September 22, 2003

Back to Reality

Well I'm back in the Bay Area, San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley to be exact. I've decided to make the East Bay my home this go 'round because it's closer to my boyfriend (yeah that's right, I can say that all casual like now), cheaper, and more residential feeling. Can we say nesting? I've been stressing over the job, house, car search. I feel ungrateful saying this but, although it's seems exciting, it's really exhausting. Luckily I have the best boyfriend in the universe. I'm staying with him until I get my ducks in a row and he's spoiling me rotten. I arrived to brand new, uber thick and fluffy Restoration Hardware bath towels that I mentioned I loved using at his Mother's house. He's been taking me around to look at apartments for rent and cars for sale, AND he's been during my pre-menstrual readjusting phase. I should call him Saint D. I know everything will fall into place, I just put too much pressure on myself and I don't want to wear out my welcome. Obviously I have a Summers worth of adventures to post here, but I must compose a resume right now. I'll be posting on a regular basis again so I look forward to my web stats rising once again!

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