May 23, 2003

Your Majesty has run into a wee bit of writer's block in paradise. I've posted pix on my photos page for all to view heaven on earth. I stayed in a ridiculously big vacation rental with eight fun peeps last week, and I've been at The Kapa'a Beach House hostel since they left. Well, actually I stayed two nights at a skeezy Hostel International for two nights until I joined forces with an Iranian wave chaser named Ali. Now we bunk at The Beach House which is really more like a tree house! I've climbed behind water falls, viewed "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific", tried snorkeling, I get to shower outside in the sun or under the stars, I eat mangos and papayas for b-fast, this is living my friends. All the radio staions play popular songs, but re-done by Hawaiians. The island has a very small town feel and everyone knows everything about everyone and I'm the talk of the town being that I'm a girl and the men outnumber the women five to one. Sorry locals, my heart is in Berkeley.
I'm leaving in the next week or so to meet my favorite man in Europe. We'll be in Milan for two weeks and Berlin for four weeks. We're hoping to check out Copenhagen (for Legoland) and Greece while we're there. I don't know my plans after that but I'd like to get to Amsterdam and New Zealand.
Wish I could go into more detail but the internet cafe isn't cheap. Until next time this is your ruler saying Aloha and Mahalo!

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