February 08, 2003

from an email:

To whom it may concern:
> for the offensive article regarding Latinos and the Spanish language
> which appears in the February 2003 issue of Vanity Fair. In the
> meantime, please boycott Vanity Fair magazine,
> and urge others to do the same.
> If you are offended by the word-for-word transcription below, please
> copy (rather than forward) this email in a new message, sign it at the
> end of the list, and send it to all of the
> people whom you know. If you receive this list with 100 names signed,
> please send it to the Editor at:
> vfmail@vf.com and copy maldonado wendy@hotmail.com
>>>>> > > > > wendy@hotmail
> Thank you!
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> Excerpt, Vanity Fair (February 2003), p. 116, Ask Dame Edna:Dear Dame Edna,
> I would very much like to learn a foreign language, preferably French
> or Italian, but every time I mention this, people tell me to learn
> Spanish instead. They say, "Everyone is going to be speaking Spanish in
> 10 years. George W. Bush speaks
> Spanish." Could this be true? Are we all going to have to speak
> Spanish?
> Torn Romantic, Palm Beach
>>> > >
> Dear Torn:
> Forget Spanish. There's nothing in that language worth reading except
> Don Quixote, and a quick listen to the CD of Man of La Mancha will take
> care of that. There was a poet named Garcia Lorca, but I'd leave him on
> the intellectual back burner if I were
> you. As for everyone's speaking it, what twaddle! Who speaks it that
> you are really desperate to talk to? The
> help? Your leaf blower? Study French or German, where there are a t
> least a few books worth reading, or, if
> you're American, try English.
>>> > > Dame Edna
>>> > > ----------------------------------------
> Dear Editor,
> I was infuriated at Dame Edna's response to Torn Romantic,, Palm Beach
> (Vanity Fair, February 2003). Dame Edna
> could have chosen any number of amusing responses; however, she
> responded using cheap, two-dimensional
> stereotypes of Latinos and Latin Americans, revealing not only her
> racism but also her profound ignorance of who
> we are.
>>> > >
> We are not just 'the help' and the 'leaf blowers'. We are architects
> and activists, journalists and doctors, governors and athletes,
> scientists and business people. We are Nobel Prize
> Winners and Rhodes Scholars. We speak Spanish, but we also speak
> fluent English, and many of us speak other
> languages as well. As of last week, we are officially the largest
> minority population in the United States at 37
> million and 13% of the population.
> Without us, the economy o f this nation and the Americas, and
> consequently the world, would come to a complete standstill.
> If Dame Edna were even remotely cultured or educated, she would have
> read and lost herself in the exquisite
> writings of Nobel prize winners Octavio Paz, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez,
> and Pablo Neruda. She would know that
> Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz was one of the first feminists and poets in
> the Americas. She would admire Isabel
> Allende and Sandra Cisneros for their passionate prose and vibrant
> spirits.
> And of course, if it had not been for us, the world would not know
> chocolate! And everyone knows life would not be worth living without
> chocolate.
> Finally, I would like to point out that Dame Edna would have NEVER
> written such blatantly offensive material about African-Americans or
> Jews, for obvious reasons. It seems that
> Dame Edna AND the Editors of Vanity Fair believe that Latinos and
> Latin Americans cannot read, and even if we
> could, we would never be Vanity Fair readers. For the life of me, I
> still cannot figure out why you chose to
> feature Salma Hayek on the cover and in an article celebrating her
> success immediately following such an
> offensive piece.
> demand an apology in print in the next issue of Vanity Fair from the
> Editors and from Dame Edna. In the meantime, I will be mobilizing
> everyone I know to boycott and protest Vanity Fair.
> By the way, I am a 31-year old Mexican-American woman, with three Ivy
> League degrees, working in New York
> City at a major firm. I sure as hell am NOT the leaf blower or the
> help, and I think all of you need to go to college.

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