December 06, 2002

"I Do My Little Turn On the Catwalk"
-Right Said Fred

Can I just tell you what a hit Junk in the Trunk was last night?! There were ten designers, all with outstanding creations. The space was 52 Mason which is a crude basement, but crude in an artsy way. I got there close to five, and the actual fashion show wasn't until eight, so with time to kill I worked on my make-up and hair, nibbled on shrimp fried rice from Tu Lan, the best Vietnamese in the city, and flirted with the cutest boy I've seen in ages who was there with his freaking GIRLFRIEND! My fifth day with permission to date freely and I have to go and make goo-goo eyes with someone who's taken. Ah well, we can always make new friends right? Very handsome friends.

So fifteen minutes before the show was to start, I headed into the fitting room with the amazing get-ups that my good friend stitchbitch created. The other designers had several models to show various pieces, but since I was SB's only stuff strutter, I would be showing three outfits. The show's coordinator had me in the line-up as first, tenth, and last. What that means is that after I show the first ensemble, I have to race back to the fitting room, strip and change into the next outfit, and get back to the line of models, and act as if it were magic. I begged the other models to take their time on the platform explaining the importance of the flow, but get twenty first-time-ever-on-a-runway, "I'm only here helping a friend" types together, and you've got your Majesty barely out of her first outfit and they're calling her for the next. Fueled by a couple of Tecates and breath mints, I set the show in motion and scrambled through the crowd back to the fitting room for a Wonderwoman fast wardrobe change. Thank the Goddess for my wonderful copywriter friend who stood in as my dresser. She stripped me of my top, while I wiggled into my undies, and she dealt with my crazy bird hair accessories while I buckled my shoes. When it cam time to change into the last little number, I couldn't find one of the shoes I was supposed to wear, and the crazy bird accessory we removed left quite a nest behind. I opted to ditch the shoes, (how happy was I that I just got a long overdue pedicure on Wednesday) and put on a small, chic top hat. I had a ton of friends in the audience so it was easy playing with the crowd. All in all it was a success and now more people know how amazing stitchbitch is!

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