December 28, 2002

Brief Update

Oh my loyal little subjects, how I've missed the glow of a monitor, the music of the keys. I've been jonzing to blog like Louie Anderson for a doughnut. But I'm having a great break from the office and you can be sure that some shocking reading material and photos are on the way when I have more time. I checked my hosting stats, and the number of QR readers increases everyday! Be sure to tell all of your friends about my Kingdom. Or should that be Queendom?

So I just learned that my great-grandma in Illinois is touch and go, so I'm on stand-by. I told my relatives to call me before it's too late because I refuse to go to her funeral. I was fortunate enough to see my great-grandpa just before he passed year before last, and I want the same opportunity with her. It's strange because she's my "not so nice grandma" that you've heard of, preaching to me that I'm useless without a man, griping because I move so much, generally telling me how disappointed she is in me my whole life. I don't believe any of it, but you still don't want to hear it from your little old grandma. She was strong and sharp until just a few months ago, and it's heartbreaking to hear her competence decline.

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