November 19, 2002

Crossing the Picket Line

I saw Duncan Sheik and Ben Folds at the Warfield on Friday. After Duncan's set it was announced that he would be at the merchandise counter signing autographs. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first star struck fans in line, and while he was signing cds and t-shirts I decided to conduct an impromptu interview with the handsome little devil.

qr Hey Duncan, how goes it?
ds It goes good, very good, and you?
qr I'm peachy, thanks. So are you married?
ds Nope, nope, not married?
qr Hmmm. How about a girl friend?
ds Yes, I have a girlfriend back in New York.
qr Harumph. Are you happy?
ds (not very convincingly) Yeah, I'm happy.
qr Well good for you.

I gave him two ticket stubs to sign and I told him the first was for Andy. "Who's Andy"? he asked. Oh, is he getting a little jealous? "My friend" I answered and he signed it "Peace, Duncan". I told him the next was for Reese, and he asked who Reese was. I pointed to my chest and declared "Me"! He signed it "To Reese, xxxooo, Duncan". Yeah, he wanted me. And you want to live in my fantasy world don'tcha?

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