October 28, 2002

Much Needed Vitamin D To The Rescue!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for sunshine!!!

I saw Jackass Friday night and OHMAGAWD it is uproarious! It was opening night so the crowd was lively and I was in stitches. Go see it now! I went to a four year-old's birthday party on Saturday and jumped in the inflated bouncy house until my lungs practically collapsed. Once you do something a toddler likes, you'd better be prepared to do it over, and over, and over, until the end of time. A twenty pound kid feels like a hundred after forty or fifty tosses around an air filled fire station. I spent Saturday evening surfing the personals with a friend who's not ready to date just yet, but wants to see what's out there. We were in a fit of laughter over the candidates. Out of two hundred men that matched her search, about ten were worthy of the "Hotlist". We came across the profile of a friend of hers. He had a bunch of typos and he's an editor, he put in our heads the mental image of him on the toilet with a newspaper, and he said that camping gear could be found in his room to which my friend exclaimed, "He doesn't CAMP"! Later that night I went to a warehouse Halloween party from midnight until four in the morning. To say the freaks come out at night is an understatement. Only people out that late are tweekers! And me. But I danced and guzzled water all night, and enjoyed a social event without scoping for boys which was strange and refreshing as hell. Sunday I did natta but watch the Giants get creamed because I was beat from my wee hours of the morning outing.

I had my first visit with my therapist today and she couldn't be more perfect for me! I'm so excited to clear the clutter. One of the heaviest issues I face is the guilt of being so far from my siblings, especially my youngest brother who is seven. I feel selfish that I'm so happy so far away from him, and he's suffering. I feel like I should be doing more, live closer to be more of a positive influence for him. She said that although she can't tell me what course of action to take, she wanted to point out that sometimes watching a sibling go for their happiness is a great influence for them as well. That gave me a new sense of relief.

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